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30 Most Powerful Logos of the US Economy

Feb 11th 2009

Dow Jones LogoI bet you’ve seen 99.9% of those logos at least one time  in your life. The 30 most powerful logos represent 30 companies component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, also called the Dow Jones, the Dow, the DJIA, Dow 30, or INDP.

Billion of dollars have been invested to build brands inside those little squares, rectangles, ovals, or circles. Truly unique, truly remarkable, truly powerful.

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  1. Vivian Tran says:

    I totally agree…that’s why you leave it to a professional graphics designer to help you design your logo and not try to do it yourself :). Thanks for sharing…

    -Vivian Tran

  2. Vinh Nguyen says:

    @Vivian. It’s really an art. I am still working on the chom chom logo. Hopefully it will be good enough!

  3. Let me see what you’ve done with the chom chom logo, and maybe I can throw in my 2cents.

    btw… what is chom chom?

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  4. Vinh Nguyen says:

    @Andy… I have a finalized version of the logo… It will be up shortly. Chom Chom is a tropical fruit… the english name is rambutan. It’s very tasty!

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